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A Clarifying moment

April 8, 2010

Recently one of my trainees, a bright young guy at an energy company, gave me some feedback on my work. He said: ‘you allowed me to make progress and let me grow, just by asking the right questions’. Besides being honoured with this comment, it was a clarifying moment for me.

I mean, how often are we, as a committed coach, not tempted to get personally involved with the candidate and his/her problem. Most of the times we can relate to the problem and get enthusiastic about the content or context. From experience we know, or maybe we think we know, what the problem is all about and what ‘the’ solution should be. But do we really? Aren’t we painting our own picture based on assumptions? And does it matter if we really know the problem from our own experience?

The remark of this candidate that I asked the right questions reminded me off my role and position as coach. It was an eye opener that helped me to realize again what my goal is as a coach. I am not there to be prejudice about the case or candidate. It is not about me, it’s about the other to be able to give authentic answers to his/her challenges. It’s about giving room to grow and feeling the victory of coming up with own answers and booking results in practice. When I think about this, I suddenly recognize the positive feeling and the driving energy accordingly. This is what it’s all about!